Gonyea Homes is the builder partner for CJC@HOME Fall 2017. A local, Twin-Cities based builder and remodeler, Gonyea Homes is based in Golden Valley, MN but offers neighborhoods throughout the Twin Cities, custom-built homes on your lot, or remodeling options for existing homes!

The Beauty of Building With Gonyea

Building or remodeling a home is complicated. It’s also a serious financial commitment. But it shouldn’t keep you up at night. With Gonyea Homes & Remodeling as your trusted guide, the design and construction process is easy and predictable. You’ll sleep peacefully knowing your home is built to a higher standard.

With Gonyea, everything is “in-house.” From finding the right lot, to determining a realistic budget, to planning and design decisions, to superior construction and warranty. You get a smooth experience, no regrets, and sweet dreams.

If your current home isn’t meeting your needs and you need help exploring your options, we can help. Unlike other custom home builders, we’re also experts in remodeling and real estate. Learn more here.


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CJC@HOME offers partnership opportunities for businesses and organizations in our local community, including:

Food & Beverages for our shoppers
Fundraising opportunities for school and non-profit groups
Furniture & décor vendor opportunities
Photographer & videographer partnerships
Interior Designer and Realtor partnerships

If you’re interested in being involved in our next CJC@HOME event, please submit the form below, and include your business or organization information.