CJC@HOME: A Look Back at Fall 2016

CJC@HOME is a Carver Junk Company event, but it’s taken on a life of its own so we’re giving it a page of its own too! Spring 2017 is our third CJC@HOME event, and we couldn’t be more excited to bring a completely different style to this season’s home. We’ll share sneak peeks up until the event. To see the entire home, grab your tickets and come for a tour!

In the meantime, here’s a look back at our Fall 2016 CJC@HOME event:

8609-ambergate-dr_001 8609-ambergate-dr_003 8609-ambergate-dr_004 8609-ambergate-dr_006 8609-ambergate-dr_008 8609-ambergate-dr_011 8609-ambergate-dr_012 8609-ambergate-dr_014 8609-ambergate-dr_016 8609-ambergate-dr_019 8609-ambergate-dr_023 8609-ambergate-dr_024 8609-ambergate-dr_037 8609-ambergate-dr_041 8609-ambergate-dr_047 8609-ambergate-dr_048 8609-ambergate-dr_052 8609-ambergate-dr_053 8609-ambergate-dr_055 8609-ambergate-dr_062 8609-ambergate-dr_063 8609-ambergate-dr_064 8609-ambergate-dr_066 8609-ambergate-dr_075 8609-ambergate-dr_076 8609-ambergate-dr_077 8609-ambergate-dr_080 8609-ambergate-dr-retouch_080 8609-ambergate-dr-retouch_081


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